Saturday, 25 May 2013

Tag Tuesday-Letter T

On Tag Tuesday this week's letter is T
I am a bit late posting this week, as I have not been well. I am taking my third lot of antibiotics for an abscess on my back. The good news is it is healing well now, but has made me feel very tired. I have an auto-immune arthritis and keep getting these abscesses, and the cause has not been established. Playing Tag Tuesday is a great diversion, and easy to fit in making a small piece of art work.

For my T tag I have chosen Teacup.

I know I had for Coffee, but I couldn't resist doing another cup. I am English, and from Yorkshire, where tea drinking all day is obligatory, so it had to be Teacup!
I took an image of a teacup from The Graphics Fairy , and re-created the feel of 
floral vintage china using fabric collage.