Sunday, 19 May 2013

More about Caversham Arts Trail

Caversham Arts Trail is still on this weekend. I had a very enjoyable day  on Friday with my friend, Christine, visiting our local artists in their studios. Christine is a Fine Arts student, and we appreciate the same sort of work, so she was a great Trail companion.
Over the past week I have managed to go to 9 out of 13 venues on the Trail. I will tell you about the ones I visited on Friday.
At Venue 10 we met Nina Krauzewicz, showing her finely detailed botanical prints and painting, Debbie Page with her smoked series of ceramic moon jars, Jacqueline Fitzjohn  and her beautiful sculptural stoneware garden pots, admired Matthew Hitch's silver jewellery and bought some of his excellent natural soap.
Next stop was Venue 5 in Balmore Drive, where we saw Lauren Denney's textural ceramics- and I bought a lovely little lacey vase from her, Julia Hogan's machine-knitted cushions and gifts, and Corinna Smith's silver jewellery.
We visited Venue 4, Charles Burns' old barn studio, where he has a wall of silhouettes he is cutting of visitors.
After a quick stop for coffee and a sandwich, came Venue 3, Liz Real's prints, textiles and mixed media, Loisue Spiers' decoupage furniture and Nicola Kantorowicz's stained glass panels.
At Venue 2 Stephen Haine was showing his intricate woodcut prints. 
Our last stop was Venue 1, where Julie Simmonds was delighted to show us her prints, paintings and ceramics, shown alongside David Pope's pottery.
All in all I have to say it was a very good trail, and it is inspiring to see the work of local artists and to support them .