Friday, 29 September 2017

Negative Space Painting

Some pages from my sketchbook. This week I have been working on a Matisse theme, painting
negative space. I used black gesso , which covered the page well, and white acrylic which was not as successful.The writing was done with a PebeoMixtion pen and gold foil.

Painting negative space with black gesso and white acrylic
Black gesso and Pebeo Mixtion pen with gold foil

Sketchbook pages

Monday, 18 September 2017

Reading on Thames Festival

Reading on Thames Festival has been taking place this week. A new arts festival, there were a number of events. I went on a trail at View Island, armed with a map and i pod, walking round the island, stopping at the marked points to listen to the soundbites. I liked the idea of it, but question the relevance of some of the chosen texts to the setting. The Life of Pi is about the open ocean, and the Banyan Tree is native to India, which is a leap in one's imagination. "Echoes Around View Island" was created by "Beautiful Creatures".The soundbites are available to download online.
You can read about this festival here:_

Friday, 8 September 2017

Pebeo Art Supplies

This week I attended a demonstration of Pebeo art supplies. The best bit was when we got to test the products
I was very impressed with all the products I used.
The approach I had was just to experiment with them in my sketch book and see 
what happened.

The products I used were:-
black gesso
Mixtion Relief 
Modelling paste
Texture gel (sand)
Gel gloss
Deco markers