Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mixed Media Books

The latest books to arrive for me from Amazon are these mixed media books. Isn't it wonderful to be able to order a title that you want, and for it to be on its way before you know it! I have mixed feelings about 1-click, though, as you only have to think about buying a book to find you have ordered it, almost without knowing it! I have used the Amazon images as I found it difficult to get good photos of these, probably because the natural daylight is so hard to find, and using flash made them shine too much.
The Cloth Paper Scissor Book by Barbara Delaney 
The subtitle sums up the book perfectly, "Inspiration for Creating                                        Mixed-media Art". It is a compilation of some of the best articles from past issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, the well known American magazine, by a selection of authors.  A must have reference and ideas book for anyone interested in mixed media.

Product Details

Stitch, Cloth, Shimmer and Shine by Sarah Lawrence. 

Sadly, Sarah died before her book was published, but the publishers left everything as she had envisaged.
This book is crammed full of creative textiles and mixed media techniques. If you are looking for inspiration, the photos of finished projects are fabulous with wonderful textures and colours. There are clear instructions for a variety of techniques. I have to admit that although I have been interested in creative textiles for a few years now, a lot of the methods and materials used are completely new to me .

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tag Tuesday-Letter H

This week on Tag Tuesday we have reached the letter H. As I have been doing a bit of collage recently, this week's tag is stitched. In Tag Tuesday we are encouraged to experiment with techniques and materials. The background is felt, with a cross stitched border. It reminded me of American Folk Art, when it was finished.
I used a drawing I made a while ago, when I was trying to capture a pecking hen on paper whilst on holiday. I spent ages following the hens around, doing lightning sketches before they moved again! I photographed my stitched hen against a straw hat as that seemed appropriate.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

100 Pretty Little Projects

This book, 100 Pretty Little Projects is available from Amazon

I am always looking for inspiration for quick projects to hand sew, so was delighted to receive this book as a birthday present from my lovely friend, Orla, who knows exactly what I like! Thanks, Orla!
 Here is the first project I have made. I have plenty more to keep me busy.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tag Tuesday-Letter G

Tag Tuesday 's alphabet theme is on Letter G this week.
G is for gateau

I made a chocolate gateau from the beauty pages of a magazine. The chocolate is eye shadow, the strawberries are lipstick. For whipped cream I used folded silk. The gateau was served on a plate, also from a magazine, and the whole collaged onto some painted papers . I used a Chinese newspaper and inverted it, hoping the text is adverts and nothing inappropriate. I photographed it using a recipe book for background.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Tag Tuesday-Letter F

The letter for  this week's Tag Tuesday's alphabet theme is letter F
Last week I used a lot of E's for my tag, so went for simplicity this time and chose one subject, F is for France. It is a collage on a map from The graphics fairy, and embellished with rubbings and printings, topped with a Michelin guide. I photographed it on my favourite old atlas

February sunshine

I haven't been blogging much over the past couple of weeks, as I have not been well. I had an infection (another abscess on my leg ) and have just finished yet another course of antibiotics. I don't like taking them, but they seem to do the trick and now I am feeling much more like my old self again.
Back with you again, and this weekend we had the most wonderful warm and sunny weather. It was a total contrast to last week's snow! I thought I would take some photos in the garden, as everything looked so lovely. Enjoy them, as we are forecast more snow at the end of the week!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tag Tuesday-Letter E

E is for Ephemera

The theme for this week's Tag Tuesday is the Letter E.
 I noticed that a few people were sneaking in a lot of things starting with the initial letter, so I thought I would do the same this time! For the base of my tag I used an Envelope, which as a bonus came from my friend, Elspeth! I coloured it up with oil pastels. Collaged onto it were images from The Graphics Fairy. I put in Eggs, Eagle, Elephants and Emerald. Can you spot any more words beginning with E?  I coloured in the collaged paper with crayon, a great idea which I got from Andrea's blog 
where she showed how to paint over collage. 

Monday, 4 February 2013

Norman Church at Swyncombe

Driving through the Oxfordshire countryside with Richard, yesterday, we were looking for a bit of cheer on a very cold, dark and dreary day. Coming off the main road to Oxford, we explored some little lanes we hadn't been down before and came upon the church of St Botolph at Swyncombe. This pretty church is Norman, dating from the 11th century, nestling in the  Chilterns. The whole of the graveyard was a beautiful carpet of snowdrops and aconites. When I looked it up when I got home, I found that in February people come from miles around to see the display, and there are Snowdrop Sundays with organised walks and tea and cake. The photo of the church doesn't really do it justice, but it was a lovely sight.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Snow dyeing results

Here are the results of the snow dyeing. I used various cotton fabrics, the last one is muslin. Because the snow melts slowly the fabric takes the colour at different rates. I really like the blurred effects this produces. I did enjoy playing with snow and next time it snows I know what to do with it!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Tag Tuesday-Letter D

The theme for this week's Tag Tuesday is the Letter D, continuing the alphabet theme.
I made a tag from cardstock, and collaged some dresses and a lace daisy chain with colourful borders.  I have not had much spare art and craft time this week, as I have been celebrating my birthday, spending my time socialising with friends and family, and eating a lot of delicious things!