Friday, 29 October 2010

Knit and Stitch Show Stash

Here are some pictures of my stash from the Knit and Stitch Show. I didn't go this year, but by a twist of fate my mother-in-law, who doesn't like either knitting or stitching, did go. She accompanied a knitting friend, and I don't think she enjoyed it very much, although she was really interested to look round Alexandra Palace! However she very kindly bought some nice bits and pieces for Rosemary and I to divide up, which we enjoyed, as we will enjoy looking at them until we make something with them. Or maybe we will just enjoy them being in our stashes. So Thanks to Bridget! The first picture has such lovely shiney varied thread! The next looks perfect for stitching trees or grasses. Then the next has such texture and added square sequins! I love the little bundle of felts and threads, suitable for a mini project. The last is some kind of tape, with beautiful edging of another colour. What could I make? So many possibilities....!

Monday, 25 October 2010


I have decided to take a Sabbatical from C&G this year. I have learned so much on the C&G Certificate in Stitched Textiles and Embroidery that I think my brain is full! It was an exciting 2 years, learning so many new techniques, and very full on. Now I want to play around with some of the things I have learned and re-visit the things I particularly liked.

Before I did the C&G course, I did a year-long Access Course in Art, Craft and Design at Thames Valley University in Reading. This was an exciting and action-packed course covering many different disciplines. We studied drawing. painting and colour theory, contextual studies, photography, printing, sculpture, jewellery-making, ceramics and Photoshop.

Just reading this makes me realise why my brain feels full! This is because I had never done any practical art before, although I had taken a minor in Art History at University, and had spent years looking at works of art. I had always done craft, but suddenly I wanted to learn all these new things! First I did a class in stained glass with David Wasley, who studied under John Piper, which lead me onto the Access Course.

Now I want to assimilate what I have learned. I don't want to go on and on learning new things, but to refine my techniques in the things I have already studied. There is so much I want to do and practise.

At the moment I am taking art classes at our local education centre, New Directions. The classes I am doing are Art in the Morning, and Art Journaling. The first covers basic techniques in different media, and is very disciplined. The other is about letting go and covering pages with paint and paper. I expect to gain a lot of experience from these 2 different disciplines. In addition I have plenty of textiles and mixed media books that I would like to work from, the only problem is where to start?!

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Here are some photos of Marseillan. Although the holiday was in August, I wanted to share the magic of this part of the South of France with you. It is a pretty little place, tucked behind a lagoon and close to the sea. It has a bit of everything, really. If you want bright lights and late nights there is Marseillan Plage close by. I have a feeling I will want to go back there!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Marseillan-Midnight Craft Market

We had a lovely holiday in the South of France, staying in a small fishing port called Marseillan. There is an active artist's community here- wonderful light and warm weather, although it is very windy at times. The midnight artisan's market was very atmospheric. Where else can you shop for art and craft after dark ? I met a lovely mixed media artist called Sylvie MARTI, who has a shop called Duo d'Ateliers. I liked her work, for its varied style and media, and of course the texture! I particularly like the background of the radishes and the chicken, which is actually painted on wood and then made to look like wood panelling.

Back blogging again

Hello there! I am back again. I have had a long break from posting. Life has been getting in the way again-school holidays, a house full of boys, summer holiday in France, a flare up of my auto-immune arthritis and trying to juggle the dose of Methotrexate I take. Also my computer has not been working, and in order to get on line I have had to climb over the debris in Oliver's room and squat on a futon on his floor! Anyone with a teenage son in the house will know exactly what I mean about his room!