Friday, 15 March 2013

Warm and Cool Collage

Here are the warm and cool collages I have made for the course I have been doing with Jane Davies called Unlocking the Secrets of Colour.

Warm Collage

Cool Collage

I used a selection of magazine papers and other paper scraps for both collages.  The composition of the first one is not very strong, and I am not happy with it, but I tried to do a landscape out of my head! The composition of the second is much stronger, and I am pleased with it. This one came from a drawing I did in the summer of mountains in Spain. However, I feel I have managed to use only warm colours in the first and cool in the second. Although I like doing collage, I have never done this kind of thing before, I usually just make whatever I want to. I hadn't done a landscape or used warm/cool colours. There are so many possibilities with this exercise and I plan to play around and produce some more work.