Thursday, 21 March 2013

More about Kantha quilting

 Since my previous post about the alphabet theme I am playing along with for
Tag Tuesday , which was K is for Kantha, I have been looking for more information about Kantha quilting, as one of my Tag friends was asking about it. This is for you Mo!

This is what I found:-

The Quilter's and Patchworker's Stitch Bible by Nikki Tinkler
This book gives a clear and concise explanation off the origins of Kantha quilting, suggested designs suitable for Kantha  and some  photos of examples.

Swedish designer, Gudrun Sjoden uses influences from all over the world in her colourful clothing and textiles for the home.  I came across some wonderful examples of Kantha in a range of hers inspired by a trip to India. If you haven't come across Gudrun, her web site is well worth a look, as she travels widely for her fashion shoots, and writes about the things that have inspired her. 

 This photo is a close-up 
 I took of the front of one of Gudrun Sjoden's catalogues.


This web site has some good photographic examples of stitches used in Kantha

I learned that Kantha started as a form of recycled textiles, a way of re-using old saris, which were then layered and the coloured threads taken from the old saris used for stitching.
I thought this was interesting, as I have been reading up about Sashiko, the Japanese form of embroidery I have been working on recently, and found the origins very similar,as Sashiko started with layers of kimonos held together with decorative running stitch .