Thursday, 14 March 2013

Beading Books

I have started doing a beading workshop run by a very talented lady from my art class. The jewellery class I was going to take last term was cancelled, but luckily this opportunity popped up. I haven't much to show for the beading, other than two 1 inch samples of Peyote stitch, but now I have cracked it I should be a lot faster!
These are the library books on beading that I am looking at. The one by Linda Peterson, I had out before. There are lots of ideas and techniques in all three books, and the photos are very eye-catching with a lot of texture. I am going to study them closely and do my homework, then hope I will have something to show you after the next class next month!

Chic and Unique Beaded Jewellery by Naomi Abeykoon

Beading In No Time by Linda Peterson

The Beaded Bracelet by Carole Rodgers