Thursday, 7 March 2013

Library Books

These are the library books I am looking at this week. 
Calligraphy Studio, The Ultimate Introduction to the Art of Hand Lettering  by Christopher Calderhead is a very informative introduction to calligraphy. In addition to teaching the basic strokes, there is an interesting piece about an afternoon he spent looking at a medieval manuscript and how he used the visual clues in front of him to interpret it.


MACHINE EMBROIDERED Flowers, Woodlands and Landscapes, The Art of Alison Holt is a delightful book for those interesting in stitched textile art. I find Alison's work amazing in detail, and she says it is often mistaken for painting or photography, but it is all machine stitched, as if she is painting with the sewing machine.

Co-incidentally, Alison appeared on Show me the Monet on BBC 2 this week, but  unfortunately didn't win.