Monday, 8 October 2012

Sashiko-my finished samples

Since I bought a fabric with Sashiko patterns pre-printed on it, I have been busy learning how to do this Japanese embroidery. At first it seems a little awkward, as the needle is rather large, but I soon adapted to the different way of stitching. I backed the fabric with some dark blue linen, which is open weave and easy to take the needle through. I have used the Purl Bee tutorial that I told you about in a previous post, together with Susan Briscoe's book on Sashiko, which I also mentioned in a previous post. I have to tell you I am really enjoying doing the Sashiko, and look forward to the next pattern each time I finish one. I have a few more patterns left to do, so watch this space for some more photos. The white markings will wash out when it is finished.
Here are the patterns I have completed so far:-

This pattern is called Raimon or Inazuma. I used a variegated Sashiko thread.

This pattern is called Seigaiha or Blue Ocean Waves, stitched in white which is traditional for Sashiko.

This pattern is called Ogi or Fan Motif, again stitched in traditional white.

This pattern is called Kikko (which means tortoiseshell), stitched with yellow thread.

This pattern is called Shippo Tsunagi or Seven Linked Treasures, stitched with variegated thread.