Friday, 25 May 2012

Caversham Arts Trail

Last weekend it was time to visit the Caversham Arts Trail again. It is an annual arts event, where local artists have the opportunity to show their work in open houses and studios. Check out their web-site, as it is very clear and has a short synopsis of each artist and photos of their work. I didn't do the whole trail this time, but nearly managed it all last year!

There is a lot of talent out there, and Caversham is full of artists of all kinds working away in their studios, sheds, kitchen tables, attics and barns. I really enjoy going round , seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, and it is a different experience from going to a gallery, so informal and intimate.

I won't mention all the artists and work that I saw, but will tell you about my favourites.

 My first stop was to see Linda McDowell and Carolyn Nash. I like Linda's watercolour paintings so much that I bought one of them!  Our new loft bedroom has a totally empty wall
space, waiting to be filled with art! I have put it in the sitting room, for now, so I can have a good look at it before deciding where to put it.

Linda McDowell's watercolour
Linda McDowell Nordmarka

Carolyn's work is also very appealing, clever, textured collagraphs of cats and ballet dancers, also watercolours.

My second stop was to see Nina Krauzewicz, whose beautiful botanical paintings I had enjoyed last year. She mixes Celtic borders and patterns with very tight plant paintings. This year's work included some interesting  images made by  printing with pieces of wood.

Photographer Anne Mackensie-Webster has beautiful work, and particularly likes taking photos of the River Thames.

Mixed-media artist Liz Real showed some fine collages, prints and mixed media work.

Textile artist Gloria Pitt  designs and hand weaves wonderfully luxurious, textured scarves in mouth watering colour combinations. Gloria is a neighbour of mine, she also has a loft studio and I look forward to visiting her and to showing her mine!

I was blown away by the amazing colours of Nina O'Connell's batik paintings.

Lastly, I want to mention  the stained glass work of Therese Wicks. Therese and I attended a stained glass class together about 6 years ago, she was already proficient and gaining experience, while I was a beginner. Her work has really grown over that time and I think you will agree she makes some stunning pieces. For me, working in glass was the catalyst to me starting my art journey, as it lead me to textiles. I thought that if you can make things in glass, you can make them in fabric!

I have only mentioned the artists I visited, but you can find out about them all and the different media they use on their web-site.