Monday, 28 May 2012

Artspace at Barn Galleries

Yesterday Richard and I went to visit the Artspace exhibiton at Barn Galleries near Henley. In a countryside setting, with rolling hills as a backdrop, it is an amazing space for displaying art. The beautiful old barns provide perfect gallery space, I particularly liked looking at the work shown against old brickwork. There were sculptures all around the grounds, shown to their best advantage in this hidden-away part of Berkshire.

I didn't take my camera with me, as sometimes I just like to look at things, rather than lining them up for a photo. If you look at the website there are some great photos and listings of the artists.

Some of the artwork was too conceptual for me, but there were a lot of things I liked. I think the sculpture was the most impressive art feature over all, although there was a wide range of other work. Sculptures that were worth noting were the lifelike dog bronzes by 
Rosemary Cook, Jenny Pickford's gigantic dandelion and the Birds of Africa by Louise Stobard.