Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tag Tuesday-Blues and Feathers

This week the theme on Tag Tuesday is Blues.
Last week's was Feathers.
I am a bit behind with my tags, so am posting two in one
go. Whoever started that idea was quite brilliant!
I had a busy week, as it was my birthday, and had lots
of lovely celebrations  with friends and
family, so it was a bit like Christmas again!

I decided to look through my printed papers for my Blues
tag, and to see what looked good together.
I found some papers that I had stamped with a sunflower
theme, and liked the look of them . Also blue sunflowers seemed 
rather an unlikely subject, which appealed to me.

Blue Sunflowers
Close up of Blue Sunflowers

Here is last week's Feathers Tag.
I followed some ideas for Feathers
from Alisa Burke. I really like her blog, and
her vibrant style. I had been saving the ideas for
creating with feathers for the right time!
The background was created by rolling feathers
around in acrylic. I added a line drawing of a feather
from my feather duster, and gave it some corners.
I found the feather braid in  my ribbon stash, and thought
it would be a suitable addition.