Saturday, 31 January 2015

Grey's Court in winter

Last weekend I went to Grey's Court with Richard.
It is a National Trust property, and it is open every
day for the first time this winter. It was a good place
to visit on a mild winter's day, and very popular with
families and dog walkers too. Guided tours of the house
are available, and some pleasant walks around the
estate. I enjoyed wandering round the gardens 
and spotting  bulbs pushing up here and there, 
 a sign that Spring is not too far away, 
after we have got through the cold spell, and
the snow, which has fallen this weekend.
The Old Dairy has been converted into very nice 
tea rooms, and we like the shop too! 
In the garden I was rather taken by the hydrangea heads, 
which are decomposing on the stems, 
and the lace effect which
is forming.

Grey's Court
Set in the Chilterns
I love the varied textures of the trees
Walled garden
Old door way
 Hydrangea flowers
 Hydrangea with lace effect