Friday, 26 February 2010

Wallhanging tutorial

On Thursday in class we had tutorials on our wallhangings with our tutor, Dawn Thorne. I confess to feeling disappointed, as I had felt inspired and thought I knew what I wanted to do with the wall hanging. Having been inspired by Angie Hughes, I then came across some exciting gesso techniques in Maggie Grey's Textile Translations-Mixed Media. I was eager to try some of these, but on talking it through with Dawn, she feels that I am not doing enough embroidery and stitched textiles (which is, after all in the title of the course) She, quite rightly, feels that I am going too much in the mixed media direction. I know that I have a tendency to this, and want to throw on paint, see what happens, then put in some stitch. However for the purposes of the course I have to be more disciplined in stitch and textiles techniques. I was looking forward to playing around with gesso and paper, but sadly, Dawn says I can't use paper at the moment and must try fabrics. So I will have to think about this and hope to start sampling in a more suitable way soon.