Friday, 5 February 2010

Photos and description of design wall hanging

In class on a Thursday

I took a black and white photocopy from a coloured photo of a rose. This was stuck onto a large piece of paper and put up on the wall. Then I took the lines of the flower and extended them to the edges of the paper, using charcoal.

The second photocopy was of an enlarged flower petal I had drawn in mixed media,with lots of colours. The textures stood out in black and white. I divided it into sections, using the lines of the curves present in the flower. These were then stuck onto the board and I drew lines from them, using charcoal and graphite and linking them together.

The third exercise was to take 3 photocopies of random subjects. These were torn in a curved shape, which echoed the lines of a window in one of the pictures. Then they were placed onto a large piece of paper.

The final exercise was to add colour .