Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tag Tuesday-Spring is in the Air

The topic on Tag Tuesday this week is  Spring is in the Air , 
which is a lovely theme for a tag!
It seemed so apt for the time of year, but when I started 
creating my tag in my studio at the top of the house, 
there was a hail storm, and I could hear the hail stones
coming down loudly on the velux windows!
I have enjoyed all the tags posted over the past couple of weeks, but
haven't been able to fit in playing Tag Tuesday myself.
       For my tag I used some hand made Indian paper, and
stencilled a bird and nest, using Inktense pencils. The
stencil is very old:-it is one my mum bought  me when
I was a little girl, and somehow it is still intact!
I made borders with  Spring flowers, and stamped
tulips, adding some washi tape, and a cluster of
cardboard buttons in the corner to finish it off.
Today Spring really is in the air, no hail storms, and 
the birds are singing at the top of their voices!