Monday, 29 September 2014


St-Antonin-Noble-Val is the rather poetic name of a medieval town in
France where we stayed in the summer. If you have just seen the film
100 Foot Journey you may think the town looks familiar, that is because 
it was filmed there! Coincidentally, we arrived there the day the film
 was released in the United States, and enjoyed watching it when it came
to the UK a couple of weeks ago.
It is such a beautiful place, nestled in the Aveyron Gorge, and the town 
has retained its medieval essence. Any renovations have been done
in keeping with the original styles. The house we stayed in dated from
the fifteenth century.  I was totally captivated by both the house and
the town, and everywhere I looked I saw ancient roofs and doorways, narrow
passageways, stone carvings and timbered houses. I did take a lot of photos, but I
am only posting a selection .

 Looking down on St-Antonin-Noble-Val
The view from the C15th house where we stayed 

Stone carving on fireplace

Narrow street leading to the belfry

Stone carving

Little passageway

Old inn