Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tag Tuesday-Myths and Legends

I have chosen the unicorn as the subject of my Myths and Legends tag for this week's Tag Tuesday.
I made my tag with a variety of papers to give different textures. They were stamped and coloured and mounted onto card. I found I had a set of " romantic " stamps, which were just right for the job! The background I used to photograph it is William Morris "Briar Rose" pattern, which I thought went with the romantic theme.

Unicorns were a popular subject for tapestries and wall hangings in medieval times.
 I found this charming description of the unicorn and the maiden in Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, which uses an extract from le Bestiaire Divin de Guillaume, Clerc de Normandie (13th  Century).   

Hunters can catch the unicorn only by placing a young virgin in his haunts. No sooner does he see the damsel , than he runs towards her, and lies down at her feet, and so suffers himself to be captured by the hunters.

I loved stories about unicorns as a child, but always cried when the unicorn was killed, and it still  makes me feel sad nowadays.