Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tag Tuesday-Letter X

On Tag Tuesday this week we have come to Letter X in our alphabet challenge. 
X is for Xylem

There aren't many words in English which begin with X are there? When I was trying out X words, I thought of Xylem, which must have stayed in my head for many years from Biology lessons! With the help of my lovely book of Biological Drawings by Maud Jepson, I found her beautiful illustrations of cross sections of plants showing the Xylem.
In case you don't remember your Botany, the  Collins dictionary definition of Xylem is:-

  1. Xylem

    noun. a plant tissue that conducts water and mineral salts from the roots to all other parts, provides mechanical support, and forms the wood of trees and shrubs.

    I thought the cross sections of plants made really pretty patterns, especially when I coloured them in. These were collaged to a background I  made on my new Gelli Plate, using wooden print blocks and coloured with acrylics. I photographed it on the Biology book.