Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tag Tuesday-Letter W

On Tag Tuesday we are on the Letter W in our alphabet series
For this week's tag, the subject had to be White Wedding, as I went to my niece's wedding on Saturday! Of course, it was a lovely wedding, the bride and groom looked  very happy, and the sun shone all day! We all had a great day.
My idea for White Wedding is rather conceptual and I have combined some elements which made me think of the wedding. I used thick cardboard with a covering of PVA glue and white acrylic mixed together and with rock salt crystals added for texture. I attached white lace, a coronet of flowers, blue lace (for something blue),  cream ribbon and white satin with seed beads, buttons and dried wild roses. I photographed it on my own wedding album which happened to be lying around in the sitting room.