Sunday, 6 January 2013

River Thames at Shillingford and Benson

We have had so much rainfall over the past few weeks that we couldn't go on any of our favourite walks near Henley, owing to the river having burst its banks and flooding the towpaths and nearby fields. Instead of Henley we went further north and to the higher ground of Shillingford and Benson. You can see the levels were really high and dramatic.  Although the first and second photos look like a river with lakes, it is in fact the river with flooded fields! These photos were taken on my new phone, and I am quite pleased with the first one, and the others are satisfactory. It has just taken me a few days to work out how to upload the photos to Picassa then on to the blog, but I think I have it now! I hope it will be quicker next time!
I have enlarged my photos as requested by Bea.