Sunday, 27 March 2011

Patchwork books

Following another trip to hospital and another minor op, I have been feeling rather convalescent. Deciding to take up some hand stitching,
I have been perusing some lovely books about patchwork . I am tempted to make a quilt, but didn't want to start another new project which would take a lot of time, and I might not finish. I also wanted to use some of my lovely stash of quilting fabrics! We have a shop fairly near us, which sells bundles of quilting fabrics, tied up in matching ribbons, which I have been collecting for a while!

This book by Emma Hardy was just what I was looking for, as it has some manageable projects for making practical but interesting items which would make lovely gifts. I have decided to start with a liner for a sewing basket, thinking that it will be nice to make myself something pretty that I will enjoy using. There are so many ideas in this book, I want to make them all, but as I want to hand piece, I will keep it simple. Next on my list is a notebook folder, I also like the gardening apron. Actually I would like to make most of them! Watch this space for finished patchwork projects!