Sunday, 9 May 2010

Scandinavian box-stitch samples

Samples using the flower shape and pattern which will be the sides of the box.
The top one is chain stitch
Below it is stem stitch

Long and short stitch worked regularly. Different thicknesses of strand used. I prefer the pink one, which is a single strand, as it is more delicate. The thread used is satin embroidery floss.

This sample shows satin stitch worked in 2 different directions. The one at the bottom is raised satin stitch. I didn't think the raised satin stitch was more in relief than the satin stitch. I will use the satin stitch for the box.

Here is a sample worked on satin. The purple and green are worked in satin stitch with a surround of backstitch. The thread is satin embroidery floss. The blue and pink are worked in satin stitch with a surround of stem stitch in matt stranded floss. I prefer the satin floss and the backstitch surround as I think it adds more definition to the motif.