Sunday, 21 March 2010

Wallhanging-Still doing samples

I am still experimenting with samples for the wallhanging. I used Koh-i-noor paints to colour the calico, then applied painted scrim and added stitch on top. The first is stitched using wool and thin ribbon strips.

Chain stitch in embroidery floss
This last one is calico painted with acylic, diluted with fabric medium which I did wet on wet.

Now I am not sure which of these paints to use, as I started with acrylic, but I confess to a preference for the Kho-i-noor, as I like the effect. They go onto the fabric so beautifully, and I found it hard to stop painting once I started! These are just a selection of samples. I will stop looking at these choices for a bit, and wait till after class on Thurs to proceed.