Monday, 18 July 2016


Here are my new Gelatos , by Faber-Castell, which arrived in the post for me!
I chose the " Brights" pack as I liked the colours. I had noticed various mixed media work
created using these crayons, and thought I would try them.
I particularly like their names;-
Lemoncello, Margarita Mix, Red Cherry, Orange Soda, Lime,
Snowcone, Bubble Gum, Passion Fruit, Lavender, Lemon,
Mango, Boysenberry.
Gelatos can be used in a variety of ways, as crayons, with water
as paints, and added to acrylics and gesso to name a few.
I liked drawing with them, it feels a bit like using lipstick! They are
very soft.
I have created a board on Pinterest, as I have been looking for inspiration
on how to use them. I find Pinterest a useful tool for filing ideas.