Tuesday, 7 July 2015

National Gardens Scheme-Chalkhouse Farm

On Sunday Richard and I visited another garden in the
National Gardens Scheme. Chalkhouse Green Farm is
near to where we live. It is a great open day,
with a beautiful farm house, glorious gardens,
rare breed animals and even a swimming pool
and tennis court for the public to use.
We did enjoy wandering round the gardens, but
 particularly liked seeing the animals. Marigold,the
Mangalitza sow was very friendly.  Daisy the
Suffolk Punch,with her foal, Blossom, only
three and a half months old were delightful.
My favourite was Jack the Shire horse, who weighs
about 950 pounds! He looked magnificent
with his plaited mane.

Pretty oriental pot

Quiet corner with a water trough

Large lemons being grown in pots

Fragrant honeysuckle


Sweet statue

Carved wooden shutters

Daisy stands guard over Blossom

Jack with his plaited mane

Marigold making friends with the visitors