Saturday, 27 June 2015

Joan McQuillan

My inspiration this week comes from the work of
textiles artist Joan McQuillan, who lives in Reading
and took part in the Whiteknights Arts Trail  a couple
of weeks ago, which I visited.
I really loved Joan's piece, Gone for a Swim
and am happy to say that I bought it and know that
I will treasure it and be constantly inspired by it.
You can find out more about Joan in the Diversity 
website,a textiles group she belongs to.
Joan is like me a "Windsor Girl", that is to say she studied for
her City and Guilds in Creative Embroidery at Windsor College, 
but some years before me, and to a higher level.
I met Joan on a train last year returning to 
Reading after my friend and I had been to an art exhibition,
and Joan and her friend had been to a textiles
exhibition. I couldn't help tuning in to their conversation,
as kept hearing enticing City and Guilds words! It's
always good to meet like minded people, and I like the
coincidence of sitting next to each other on a train.
Gone For a Swim is a stitched textile piece inspired by
St Ives.
I am going to put the picture up in my studio as a reminder
to keep working hard on techniques and always aspire to
 greater things.

Gone for a Swim by Joan McQuillan

Detail of Gone for a Swim by Joan McQuillan