Saturday, 25 April 2015

Pattern and Colour Inspiration from Library Books

Over the past couple of weeks I have enjoyed looking
at these library books. 

Stitch at Home by Mandy Shaw, has some
delightful stitching projects. As the front
cover says " over 20 handmade  fabric and
embroidery projects" I like the heart motif
used to demonstrate different stitched, and the
simple designs such as the houses on the cover.

The Hand Printed Home by Jenny McCabe
promises "35 stylish projects using stencils, 
 lino cuts and more".  There are lots of ideas
for practical projects, which I liked.

Screen Printing at Home by Karen Lewis is
similar in style to The Hand Printed Home, with 
lots of inspiring projects to "Print your own
fabric to make simple sewn projects".
I was the first person to take this book out of
the library, which is always a good feeling!

Colour on Cloth by Ruth Issett, a book to teach
you to "Create Stunning Effects with Dye on Fabric"
is an old favourite of mine, which I borrow
from time to time. What I really like about it 
is the colour combinations, and it is a good
book to browse.