Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Last week I accompanied my husband to a conference in Berlin.
I spent an action-packed few days on sightseeing tours with 
social events in the evening, which included a cocktail party,
a Cabaret show with songs from the musical and a dinner dance in a 
Museum. I visited the Checkpoint Charlie Museum and did a Cold 
War Tour. The Art Tour day was spent visiting the Old 
National Gallery and the New National Gallery, a contrast in both
 building styles and in the art works. We spent a beautiful, sunny day
on a river trip in Potsdam
Berlin is such an interesting city, with so many new buildings and changes
taking place, but the memories of the past are all around.

Here are some photos of Berlin.

Part of the Berlin Wall which remains 

The Brandenburg gate
The French Church

Sony Centre
Dutch Quarter in Potsdam
Bridge which divided the former East and West Berlin,
still painted in light and dark green