Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tag Tuesday-Summer Holiday and Bugs

There are two tags for Tag Tuesday, this week.  
I am a bit behind as I have had a busy and exciting week.
I attended a batik workshop, which you can see in the
previous post of this blog.

The main excitement was seeing the Queen when she
came to open the new look Reading Railway Station  on
Thursday. I was right near the front and got such a clear and 
close view of Her Majesty! She looked lovely and her
face lit up when she saw the crowd. She had her photo
taken with the construction workers. They were all in 
bright orange, she in bright turquoise, a perfect

I have been thinking about summer holidays, and
for me that means one thing-France and sunflowers.
My tag is stitched. For background I used a rough textured
fabric, coloured with Inktense blocks. i added layers of 
stamped sunflowers, and put in some beads for seeds. 
The border is a pretty French braid from a flea market.
I photographed it on my Rough Guide to France.

Here is my Bugs tag, a week late, but I am sneaking it in!
I chose dragonflies for their beauty and jewelled colours.
The centre of the tag shows a dragonfly , on top
of some hand made papers, which I have drawn into and picked
out the raised lines, making it look like plants. I used
Origami paper, washi tape, a stick on border and cardstock
for contrasting colour.
As I took the photo, a dragonfly  flew over my head! We do have
a lot in our garden.