Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tag Tuesday-Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers is the theme for this week's Tag Tuesday.

Well, we have had a real Spring here over the past few days, with
glorious sunshine, Spring flowers, birds, bees and butterflies all around.
 It couldn't last long, and today it is back to cold and windy-it's not
 raining all day long though, hooray! At the weekend we went 
to our favourite waterside cafe by the River Thames, now it is no
longer flooded, and sat outside in the sunshine!
This put me perfectly in the mood to make my Spring Flowers
I used a stencil of cherry blossom and birds, and chose a black background to make the pink and green gel pens pop. The birds were collaged from flower paper, as they didn't stand out very well the first time. I added some sweet flower (card) buttons that I bought 
recently. The borders are made of floral and bee strips. For the outside frame I used green origami paper, which has images of rabbits and flowers on. I thought my floral scarf was a suitable background to photograph my Spring Flowers tag.