Monday, 2 September 2013


I have had a lovely summer, and now it is September and back to blogging! I had a lovely holiday in France with my husband and our youngest son, who is 15, and we spent a few days in Andorra too. I picked my favourite photos of Andorra to post, and I hope they show the dramatic mountain scenery at its best. Andorra is a principality, so too small to be called a country. In an area of 468 square kilometres it has a population of 85,000. We stayed in a spa hotel, and enjoyed the al fresco jacuzzi in the rain, which was very invigorating.  It is a ski resort throughout the season, but makes a very pleasant summer hotel. Skiing is very popular here, and Andorra has 130 miles of ski runs! 

Taken from our hotel room balcony

 We went for a walk in a nature reserve

I love the dramatic shadows the clouds throw out onto the mountains