Saturday, 20 July 2013

Gelli Plate Printing-Third Time

I have been doing more Gelli Plate printing.To be honest I think it is a bit addictive! Click the link to an earlier blog post here to find out more about Gelli Plates.
I decided to use black paper to print on this time round, and was pleased with the effects. From the Gelli Arts Facebook page I have learned a lot about techniques and there are far too many ideas there! The main thing I did differently this time, was to leave the paint on the Gelli Plate between pulls and not to keep cleaning it. This means that colours from earlier layers come through adding extra interest and texture.

I used a stencil here.

And a stencil here.

Wooden print block onto wet paint.

The same print block used as a stamp.

The same again here, a wood block stencil stamped into wet paint.

And used as a stamp