Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mixed Media Books

The latest books to arrive for me from Amazon are these mixed media books. Isn't it wonderful to be able to order a title that you want, and for it to be on its way before you know it! I have mixed feelings about 1-click, though, as you only have to think about buying a book to find you have ordered it, almost without knowing it! I have used the Amazon images as I found it difficult to get good photos of these, probably because the natural daylight is so hard to find, and using flash made them shine too much.
The Cloth Paper Scissor Book by Barbara Delaney 
The subtitle sums up the book perfectly, "Inspiration for Creating                                        Mixed-media Art". It is a compilation of some of the best articles from past issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, the well known American magazine, by a selection of authors.  A must have reference and ideas book for anyone interested in mixed media.

Product Details

Stitch, Cloth, Shimmer and Shine by Sarah Lawrence. 

Sadly, Sarah died before her book was published, but the publishers left everything as she had envisaged.
This book is crammed full of creative textiles and mixed media techniques. If you are looking for inspiration, the photos of finished projects are fabulous with wonderful textures and colours. There are clear instructions for a variety of techniques. I have to admit that although I have been interested in creative textiles for a few years now, a lot of the methods and materials used are completely new to me .