Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Experiments in Patchwork

I first started patchwork when I was about 18 and a university student in Norwich. A group of us had a craze on doing English patchwork with hexagons, using Laura Ashley fabrics. I started a quilt, which has been in a drawer somewhere, unfinished for years. When I was looking for something to do whilst convalescing, I thought I would try out patchwork, but this time do the american style of piecing. I stumbled upon this beautiful book by Lynne Edwards It was exactly what I was looking for, instructions on how to make each separate block. Some are hand-pieced, some machined. I have to say it is not as easy as it looks!

Although I do have a lovely stash of patchwork fabrics (along with my other stashes), I felt the need to buy some more fabrics, to be sure they went together. I really like the feed sack type patterns. Aren't they lovely!?

My first block " Tumbling Blocks". This is hand stitched.

My second, Maple Leaf, also hand stitched