Thursday, 27 October 2011

Back to blogging

I have had quite a break from blogging, firstly because of illness and recovery from four minor ops. One of these was on my hand (fortunately my left) and I had a subsequent skin graft which has taken very well. I have good, but not full movement back in my hand and am still doing my exercises.

At the same time as all this was going on, the loft conversion was being built. This was another reason for the break, as the house was pretty chaotic (well, even more that usual!). All the dust and noise, and the contents of all the rooms seemed to end up in what Richard calls the "knitting room".

Now the loft is ready and I have moved my things into the studio, gradually, trying organise it all so it is easily accessible. One of my favourite bits of the building is my huge eaves cupboard in the studio, big enough to swallow up all my plastic boxes of fabric and assorted bits and pieces. I am so pleased with my working arrangement, and can settle down to sew or draw without having to clear a space and move everyone else's stuff. Those of you with teenagers will know what I mean. We haven't moved into the bedroom yet , as we are waiting for the new bed to arrive.

I am making curtains for the new bedroom and have been working on some patchwork. I will post photos soon.