Monday, 26 July 2010


There are a lot of swans on the river at Caversham. I was pleased to see the pair of black swans, as for years there was a solitary black swan, always near the others, but swimming a little bit apart. I am glad that a mate has appeared for him, but wonder where from, as these swans are visitors to our country, and must have come from a wildlife park. I wonder if I am starting a theme about ballet dresses, but the beautiful ruffled feathers of the black swans remind me of Romantic tutus. It was nice to have an opportunity to study them at close quarters. I often look closely at the Mute swans as well, thinking of Swan Lake and the froth and frill of the Classical tutus. The black swans remind me of Odile.

As a child, I have fond memories of my Aunt Mabel, who made ballet costumes for my cousin's ballet school. She had a huge dressing room off her bedroom, full of her creations, all net, tulle and sequins. Sometimes I would be allowed to try them on and dress up in them, practising my ballet steps. I also enjoyed the feel of them, the colours and textures. My cousin, Isabel went on to become a ballet dancer.