Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I realise I haven't posted for a while. Blame it on domesticity, on life getting in the way. It is only 2 weeks till the exhibition at the East Berkshire College, so there is plenty of work to keep me busy. I have to finish the Scandinavian Box and the Coast wallhanging. Nothing like a deadline to keep me on my toes! Photos of these finished items to follow soon, I hope. There are also some resolved samples to complete, in addition to the vast number of samples for the C&G assessment.

With terrrible timing, I have been ill this past week, due to an infected insect bite. The high temperature, infection and antibiotics did not combine well with the Methotrexate I take for my auto-immune arthritis , so I have felt rough and not been able to do any work at all. Now I can get on with it again, but where to start?!

Here we have had the usual summer blight of looming exams and revision. Oli is now in the middle of his GCSES, and seems to be coping very calmly. Guy has school exams which are taken very seriously, so he is getting down to revision too.

Laurence arrived home from his year abroad in Minnesota last week. This means the house is filled with singing and chatter again! He will go back to London for his final year in American Drama in August. This explains part of why I have been busy, as Richard and I had to rediscover his bedroom, hidden as it was under several layers of boxes, which had to be moved into the loft. I had to paint the walls where someone had done a (very good) mural of Jesus and assorted biblical texts around the room during an irreligious phase. Now the room really looks like a bedroom, which is surprising, and the walls are a clean, fresh blue.