Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wallhanging-Ready to add stitch

Here I have added strips of scrim to the painted strips. In the photo I cut into strips in my sketchbook the white stands out really strongly . I originally thought I would use a lot of white in this piece to link it, and maybe stitch it so it lay against a background cloth of white.
However, when I started painting the scrim, I found I preferred the colours of the blue/green. I have been working on the three strips which represent water. I added pieces I cut from the sides and laid scrim over the top of them, then painted over it to roughly match the colours.
Here are the three water pieces arranged together. I am pleased with this, and think I will proceed to add stitch. I will just work on these three as I love the colours together. Then I will decide whether to put the other strips back in. I originally planned to do all eight of them. Time also factors in this, as suddenly the deadline is next week! I will take out the white for now, and see how it is just in the watery colours.