Thursday, 28 July 2011

Summer sketchbook

I haven't posted much recently as I am still convalescent post op. I am still having daily dressings done on my thigh wound .
I haven't been doing any textiles work, only a bit of hand sewn patchwork. I have been discharged by the hand plastic surgery team at the John Radcliffe, but still have exercises to do to get full movement back in the hand-so lucky it is my left hand.
I have been looking for inspiration for summer sketchbook work.On her blog FAN MY FLAME Gina Ferrari has set a summer sketchbook project called Close to Home and has invited blog followers to join in. I thought I would have a go,as it is good to have someone else's ideas to follow to give structure to sketchbooking. I think it will suit me fine, not too taxing and a lot of fun!

The first task set by Gina was to colour up a page of sketchbook using watercolours. I used Koh-i-Noor, and while it was still wet covered the page in clingfilm. This peeled off when dry to reveal a lovely surface.

Although I prepared the surface with clingfilm, I didn't use this sketchbook, I am saving it for later. I wanted to use a small Indian paper one, and the interesting effect was that the paint sank into the pages.
I made an outline sketch of some poppy seedheads and used them as a stencil on the sketchbook page using a yellow wax crayon resist , then painting over with shades of purple

I liked doing this, so made another version, this time using purple oil pastel for the outline and filling in with dry Inktense pencils for the background. The colours of the Inktense are really vibrant.

Gina suggests using white oil pastel for the outline, so I bought a new set (any excuse for new materials!) This time I used orange for the inside and patches of orange on the background. Then I added some text.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011